Nevermind the Common Cold!

I sit here with a friggin cold!  I don’t know where it came from, but it’s invaded my system and is making me miserable, or is it?  Is it the cold that is “making” me miserable?  Does it really have THAT much power?  Holy crap, that would suck.  Or, is it my reaction to the icky feeling that is causing me to feel miserable?  It’s most likely my reaction….

The cold in itself does nothing.  It simply exists in my body in order to replicate, and have little “cold” children of it’s own.  It’s a family man.  It spends time searching for a host, then hooks up, and makes babies.  I can’t fault it for that.

I can however observe my mind and my emotional and physical reactions to my new friend.  As I swallow, my throat feels scratchy.  This is very uncomfortable, and sends messages to my mind.  I then find myself thinking, “I’m sick”, which then makes me feel low and like a victim.  This starts the downward spiral of negative thinking, which leaves me out in the “cold”.

It’s interesting to witness my reaction to something I can’t really control….yet 😛

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