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The Dilemma of the Positive Mind

PositiveThinkingWe’ve all heard these sayings at one time or another.

“If everyone had a positive mind, no one would need a safety net.” “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” “There’s no crying in baseball.”

The truth is, that for the most part, positive thinking as a cure-all is fluff that is easier said than done. The premise is that you change your thoughts, look on the bright side, and BAM, you change your life. If only things were as simple as putting together a vision board and ignoring everything negative in your life.

This is obviously a simplistic view of positive thinking, and needless to say, that practice goes much deeper than that simple explative rant above, read Napoleon Hill for example. I do, however, want to point out the relative absurdity of that fantastical mindset. While there is much to be said for just changing your perspective on everything in your life, I feel that there are factions in society that take this all too literally, and base entire political parties on such ridiculously simplistic notions. Many people can’t simply flick a switch and become agents of change, and the view espoused can be downright alienating to many.

Enter Mindful Meditation Techniques

Learning mindful meditation techniques, on the other hand, will lead to more balanced thinking and generally lower levels of stress, including those whom suffer from PTSD. Mindfulness benefits are profound, and will open doors into your subconscious mind that reveal, in astonishing detail, some errors in your own perception. It is this deep understanding that will allow you to eventually change your thought patterns. You will be able to see where you are going wrong at the core, and make changes there, instead of just on the surface.

There are many mindful meditation techniques, and most often start with simply sitting still and observing your breathing. This site has many examples of exercises that you can do to incorporate mindfulness into your life. It takes work, but it is worth every minute you spend learning and using mindful meditation techniques, and even just some more simple techniques that don’t involve dedicated meditation.

  • Some Mindfulness Benefits
  • Real and measurable mindfulness benefits include:
  • Reduced Anxiety, including GAD
  • Relief from Mild Depression
  • Relief from Sleep Disorders
  • Relief from Eating Disorders
  • Improved Stress Management
  • Improved Management
  • Clear Thinking
  • Improved Emotional Stability


A positive mind is great to have, but just telling yourself to “buck up” is far too simple. Instead of feeling bad about your inability to feel positive as often as you’d like to, try learning some mindful meditation techniques, or at the very least, just stop and take notice of what your body is doing and feeling once in a while. You’ll be surprised what you find.

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