How to Sort Fact from Propaganda Using Mindfulness

Propaganda Is Killing Us

This post has been a long time in the making.  I’ve decided to stay relatively quiet during the last election cycle and into this new administration.  The focus of this site is not political, it’s to teach you about mindfulness, and will remain so.

However, I feel the need to address the level of propaganda and psychological operations in effect.  While it’s largely one-sided lately, it’s being used across the political spectrum, and is really damaging.  The truth exists, but spin and tribalism can make even the most mindful person question reality.

An Actual Propaganda Shield, Check It Out.

Rather than use my experience with mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to preach what I believe is the truth, I’ll leave it up to my readers to use these tools in their own experience to sort fact from fiction.

If you read through this site, there are many tools and techniques that I freely give away and discuss.  They all work if given enough attention and practice.  That said, certain techniques won’t work for some of you, and that’s cool.  That’s why there are so many ways to get mindful that I’ll be discussing in the coming weeks and months.  Many of these will not involve sitting in meditation at all.

How to Shield Yourself from Propaganda Using Mindfulness

When you are mindful, you are acutely aware of where you are and what you are doing.  When you are hit with propaganda, it is designed to take you out of the present moment, out of your own life, and into the world of anger, outrage, and fear.  That’s how it works, and it’s effective.

The next time you see a message that makes you react with anger, quickly pay attention to how it makes you feel.  It will attempt to derail you and trigger you.  If you pay attention and let it happen, WHILE YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION to it, you will learn a whole lot about how it affects you and what is happening.

Far too many people are completely blind to how this works and how it trips and short circuits your sympathetic nervous response.  Propaganda triggers adrenaline. Read this article on understanding the fight, flight, or freeze response. Learn how it strips your ability to think rationally.  During this propaganda attack, while you are triggered, the message goes through your filters and into your psyche, where it does tremendous damage.

Shield Yourself

If you want a shield against the loud and dangerous rhetoric, now international, use what you learn on this site as a shield.  I’ll be curating useful information on how to become immune to bullshit and regain your life and sanity.

The next time you see a meme on your Facebook feed that angers you, take a step back, close your eyes, and pay attention to your body.  What is happening?  Is your jaw tightening?  Feel your heart racing?  Is there a sour feeling in your solar-plexus?  Maybe a rush of adrenaline and energy?  Now, is there any confusion at all in your mind?  Pay attention to these things and you’ll see what this crap is doing to you.

Now, to get rid of it and return to normalcy, pay attention to your breathing.  Breathe deeply, do 7-11 breathing, and calm yourself down.  Then make a mental note of what the message is and what it is designed to do to you or how it could influence you.  You will, in time, become immune to psychological attack, or at least less likely to be triggered and spread that stuff further into the world.


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