Do You Have A Caffeine Addiction, or Any Addiction? A Dose Of Mindfulness May Help.


We all have certain addictions.  I’ll admit, I love coffee.  Does this mean I have a caffeine addiction, maybe.  I also like my iPhone, so maybe I have a cell phone addiction too.  Truth be told, I probably have both in a moderate amount.  While this is fine for me, generally, it sucks for others.

caffeine addictionAddiction can take many forms.  From the aforementioned caffeine addiction, to the seemingly ubiquitous cell phone addiction, to serious substance abuse problems ranging from smoking to hardcore drugs, humans are plagued by addiction.

Cheap Caffeine Addiction Takes It’s Toll – funny

Mindfulness and/or Yoga Can Help Rid Addictions

There is a way out of it though, and this article on the Huffington Post does a good job of explaining it in terms of using Yoga to heal addiction.  While this site is not focused on Yoga per se, this article brings up a good point.

Yoga for recovery recognizes the need to connect the story of the body with the reason of the mind. Often people abuse their bodies because they don’t feel comfortable in their skins. Yoga can help change that. Deep breathing and the constant return to the present moment helps create an opportunity to pause and consider before making destructive choices. […]

Deep breathing and constant return to the present moment sound familiar, don’t they?  I have no idea where I’ve heard of those before… oh yeah…maybe here?  HAHA!  All kidding aside, I truly believe that mindfulness practice has helped me out of certain addictions that I’ve had in the past, not withstanding my caffeine addiction, or my cell phone addiction (more like information addiction wrapped up in a mobile interface).

Addictions Can Be Destructive, but So What?

cell phone addictionDestructive choices are often the byproducts of feeling uncomfortable with ourselves.  We seek to remedy an imbalance in our lives with a quick fix, and in turn, end up causing more damage than we meant to.  Like drinking coffee in the morning instead of getting more sleep, or turning to alcohol to drown our sorrows and feel better…like that works…  Or the dreaded smoking or drugs or gambling, etc…

Even emotions themselves can be addicting.  Take anger for example.  We feel wronged and seek to return to a balanced state.  We feel the surge of adrenaline and like the power and the rush that anger gives us.  The only problem with this is that acting in anger usually ends poorly for us.

Sometimes, like in the case of coffee addiction, who cares, right?  Coffee has health benefits.  It also helps us concentrate, right?  That’s not the point here though.  While there are benefits, being addicted can take it’s toll.  We need things in moderation, including moderation.  Too much of a good thing…  Not to mention there are people who have physical withdrawl from caffeine, and other serious issues.  Take Urgelt here:

We love the beard, man.  You rock it.

Cure That Caffeine Addiction, Anger Addiction, Cell Phone Addiction, etc…?

Mindfulness is not the cure to everything, but learning to practice can certainly help with many of our issues.  Addiction is one problem that can be remedied by practicing mindfulness.  Constantly returning to the present moment, while not a cure to addiction in itself, can certainly hedge against acting on the addiction and leading us down the paths of destruction.

Think about that the next time you’re drinking coffee and feeding that caffeine addiction…  I know I will, time and time again…  damn, I love my coffee, especially this stuff through this thing, but I digress…  Maybe I’m meant to use coffee to get mindful.  Wishful thinking, maybe…  Who knows…


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