How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots and Feel Better Now

Learn How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots

One day, for no reason at all, my jaw popped. Maybe I slept on it wrong, or maybe I was carrying too much tension in my jaw overnight. Who knows.

How to get rid of muscle knotsAll I did know was that I couldn’t bite without tremendous pain on from the left side of my jaw, near the hinge. I couldn’t eat or talk without howling in pain, or whimpering, depending on how sharp it got. It was freaky, and I knew it wasn’t from a tooth problem.

A friend of mine asked me if I’d heard of trigger points. I told her that I hadn’t, but was intereted. She explained it to me and let me borrow her book. I skimmed it, then put it down in favor of advil.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. My jaw was on fire and I couldn’t figure out why. I took four painkillers and nothing helped. I was miserable, so I deceided to try the trigger point book. What happened next was crazy…

I looked up where my pain was located in the book and then found the corresponsing trigger point. It was deep inside my mouth. I washed my hands then went to work massaging the point. It was painful as hell, but I kept at it, cause it was more painful to do nothing.

After about ten minutes, the pain was gone. It hasn’t returned since, and that was six months ago.

It worked.

I decided to test it for a while as time went on.  I was determined to know how to get rid of muscle knots whenever I had them and to show others.

Muscle Knots

I started using trigger point therapy for muscle knots in my back and shoulders. Most of the time they are just there and I can ignore them, but sometimes the pain gets in the way of practice.

While it’s a great experience to watch the pain, when it’s heavy, it’s more annoying than useful. Not only that, but it makes sitting in meditation terribly uncomfortable. It’s just distracting…

The pain is moslty in my back, shoulders and neck. It’s mostly from stress and sitting at my conputer all day long while I work. While I do my best to be mindful of my posture, it inevitably slips and I end up slouching or straining.
Muscle knots seem to be pretty common. They can be brought on by stress or nerve issues. Science isn’t convinced on exactly what causes them, but they exist and show up on ultrasounds. You can feel them under your skin as well.

Long story short, trigger point therapy works for me and has helped me work out painful and annoying muscle knots. If I am bothered, especially before meditation, I do some trigger point therapy and I’m good to go.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

This video explains what it is, and I really recommend you watch it to grasp this concept. It’s helped me tremendously.

I’ve ordered a book called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and the Body Back Buddy, as well as a Lacrosse ball and have given this a long test run of about a year. I can honestly say that most of the time, I can use this stuff to isolate and get rid of most superficial pain.

I can now sit for much longer periods in meditation as well as relieve stress points in my own body and those around me. I’m not kidding, this stuff works like nothing else I’ve ever tried.

If you have pain or uncomfortable distractions when you meditate, or just in general, trigger point therapy is worth a shot. It’s helped me and some of my friends personally, and I have no reservations about recommending it to you.

Some Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Knots

Find the knot.

This should be easy. Find where it hurts and hunt around for a pain point. These can be illusive though, so having a guide is very helpful. This book in particular is awesome.

See which direction it’s going in.

Stretch around and see where it hurts and feels good at the same time. The fibers run in lines, so you can feel out if it’s vertical or horizontal and stretch in those directions to really work it.

Massage it Out

Use a Lacross ball, back buddy, or foam roller to roll the trigger point and massage it. Use pressure on the points.

Try using heat on it.

Local heat can help relax knots in muscle fibers and help bring fresh blood into the site, which your cells need to repair the damage. It can also help get rid of some toxins that may build up at the site and lengthen your healing time.

Try a conventional massager.

Pressure and vibration can help soothe and loosen contracted fibers.

Drink more water.

Keep your nervous system running well and your cells hydrated.  Water can help flush out toxins that can accumulate as well.

Become mindful of your posture.

Poor posture can strain muscle groups and cause muscle knots.

Stretch often.

Stretching can help keep your muscles limber and helps to prevent the contraction of muscle fibers that can cause knots.

Seek Medical Attention if it’s not going away, or if you’re the slightest bit unsure of the pain or self-treatment options. Knowing how to get rid of muscle knots and being able to do it is awesome, but sometimes you need a bit of the professional help.  Nothing wrong with that.


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  1. I’m having a hard knot come up on arm just below shoulder when I try to move my arm a certain way with pain i have a toren ligament in shoulder and started exercising it but it kills me to do it a certain way

    • I’m sorry to hear that! This stuff is great for getting rid of knots but if you have a torn ligament, physical therapy or medical attention is better in my opinion.


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