Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Below are a series of guided meditation videos.  These videos are part of a greater virtual experience and feedback package called Journey to Wild Divine.  I personally use it and it does what it says it does.  Use these videos and see if they work for you.

The first is a body scan meditation.  This is good to help you relax and actually feel your body.  Feeling your body is very important in practicing mindfulness.  Use this.

Body Scan Guided Meditation

Sunset Guided Meditation

Nature Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a great way to enter the world of meditation.  It helps to have someone there to guide you when you are beginning. Later on, it gets easier to enter the space.

The great thing about having a guide is that you are not going at it on your own.  There are many hours of trial and error that have been done for you when you use a guide.  You are less likely to experience the frustration of not knowing if what you are doing will work.

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