You, An Object, Time, and Patience


Mindfulness Exercises – The Object Is Not the Object

There are many techniques for mindfulness taught by masters.  I am NOT one of them.  I’m just a guy on a path who wants to share what I learn and help other people find their paths.  That being said, this section will feature practices that I find useful.  Take them or leave them.  There are no doubt going to be people who disagree, but like I said, these help me, so maybe they can help you as well.

The first exercise that I find helpful is to sit comfortably focus on your breathing, or any object you choose.  It could be a pencil, or an apple, or whatever.  Try to hold your mind there on that object and only that object.  I find that this helps me to concentrate.  It’s pretty damn difficult too, but I just stick with it.

Thoughts always arise, and I just let them come up and pass on.  Inevitably, I end up following a stream of thoughts, and get sidetracked.  Once I notice that I’m doing this, I just come right back to the object.  You can give yourself a time limit or not.  I do this when I have a chance to sit somewhere undisturbed, like a lunch break, or in the bathroom.  I see how long I can go without getting sidetracked on a stream of thoughts.

Sometimes it’s great and I can focus, but most of the time it is difficult.  Our minds just never want to shut up on their own, do they?

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