About Practicing Mindfulness

This site exists for one reason alone.  To show you that you can not only learn mindfulness, but use it to better almost every aspect of your life.

The world is not as it seems to most of us.  We make up our own reality based on our past experiences.  This filters our perception and colors our thoughts.  When we do this, we see our own reality.  It’s fake.

When we practice mindfulness, we learn to see the world and ourselves for what is real.

Our biases slowly melt away, as do our knee-jerk reactions to things.  When we see life this way, the world gets less cloudy.

Mindfulness is not just for people living in seclusion on some remote mountaintop.  It’s not only for those living in silence in some cloistered garden, and it’s not just for those meditating in caves.  It’s for you, me, all of us.

I am a lifelong student of mindfulness.

This site provides me an anchor in my own practice, and makes me constantly strive to stay in the present moment in my own life.  It serves to hold me to a higher standard in my own experience.  In esscence, if I don’t practice, then I have nothing to write about.

The present moment is always here.  It’s illusive only in our inability to see through the fog that we’ve created for ourselves and our world.

It’s time to burn off the fog and let the sunlight permeate our world.

I’m Kevin, and this is Practicing Mindfulness.

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