Are You A Time Traveler?

We Are All Time Travelers

Time travel has been popularized by many books, TV shows, and movies over the years.  It holds our collective fascination.  The ability to visit and witness the past or the future, and even make changes, speaks directly to our own egoic desire.  After all, it’s where we spend most of our time.

mindful present moment awarenessWe rarely live in the present moment, yet it’s where we exist all of the time.  The past and future are just instances of the now, yet we ascribe almost mythical importance to both.  We daydream about the future, and plan, plan, plan for it.  We also love to obsess over the past, which we have no control over.

Past and Future Are Sources of Stress

There is a whole lot of stress that comes from dwelling on the past and possible regret, or looking into the future and getting apprehensive, or anxious about it.  Truth be told, there is only the present, and every time we become time travelers by looking back or forward, we completely miss where we are NOW.

A recent story on CBS in Miami titled, “Secrets To A Mindful Meditation Revealed”, speaks of the stress effect of living in the past or the future, ie. time travel:

“What our minds typically do is mental time travel,” Dr. Jha said. “So we’re usually thinking about the past and reliving experiences that have already occurred or we’re in sort of a future focused frenzy about what we’re going to do next.And so a lot of that space of being in the past or the future is tied to our experience of stress.”

And stress is increasingly linked to disease.


Break the Flux Capacitor and Save Ferris

If we stop time traveling, then we can stop a large trigger for stress.  Stress has been linked to many different health problems.  It goes without saying that by limiting stress, we can begin to live healthier lives.  By focusing on our breathing, we guide the mind into the present moment, where regrets and worries can’t exist.  All that exists is where we are now, and what we are now.  There is nothing to do except exist and be aware of that.

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This is the essence of present moment awareness, or living in the now.  It’s when Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  That whole movie was about living in the present moment, which reminds me, I need to add that one to the movie page 🙂

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