Can Your Brain Turn Anxiety Into Calmness?

Can Your Brain Turn Anxiety Into Calmness? YES

This is a very interesting video that talks about how our minds can turn anxiety into calmness. It’s worth watching for anyone who wants to learn to calm their minds. (hint: good for meditation.)

Martin L. Rossman, MD does a great job explaining how your brain can turn anxiety into calmness in this lecture. It can be a tremendous help to worriers, those with anxiety and panic, and even just meditators who want another tool in their arsenal to help them calm their minds in preparation for mindfulness and meditation, and even yoga.

Mental Chatter and Negativity Loops

Martin L. Rossman, MD, goes over loops that we get caught in when we worry about things. These loops often run on autopilot and prevent us from getting present in mindfulness and meditation. I’ve had this issue for years, but am getting very, very good at turning it off and breaking the cycle so that I can meditate and practice mindfulness. This will help those of you who have the same issues. This video will provide a pretty deep understanding of the loops and how to break them.

It’s pretty long, so be sure to bookmark this page!


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