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Mike asks…

Meditation techniques?

I’ve tried breathing deep and concentrating on my breath and nothing else. After about 15-20 minutes I become amazingly relaxed (I remember the first time I tried it felt like I had a bullet removed). But I’m rather new to this and have only once completely shut out reality and it was short lived.
I’d like to know a few tips and techniques for deep meditation.
What do you guys do to meditate?
Also, yoga isn’t on my list of things to try in the near future.


When you are first learning to meditate you should meditate in the same place in your house all the time because the energy will build up in that place, and also your subconscious will respond better, and your meditations will get easier over a shorter period of time. Just like that serene energy builds up in a church or synagogue because it is where people consistently go to pray, that energy will also build up in your house if you pick a place where you will go to consistently do meditation. You might also want to say a prayer and ask for guidance before and after each meditation session.

Try quieting your mind and meditating with your eyes open when you are standing in line at the grocery store, bank, etc. This is also a good way to nurture patience, and patience is necessary for deepening your meditation.

Nonetheless, meditate as much as you can because it’s like a snowball rolling down a hill and the more you do it the more it will gather that energy and soon you will find effortless meditations. You should never have to use effort when meditating as meditation is all about letting go, and in truth you do not meditate rather all you do is dive into a flow which is already there.

I have been doing quiet meditation for more than 30-years and my meditation comes to me very easy. It is a very soft , quiet, beautiful presence that envelopes my mind and body. The key is to learn how to quiet your mind and live with silence inside. The human mind is a chatter box that will not readily quiet down; it will come between you and your quiet meditations, but when meditating you must not give thoughts any attention.

There are lots of techniques but techniques are only tools; tools that as you advance you will learn to let go of and experience instantaneously quiet meditations without techniques. What you do with your attention is most important because regardless what techniques you have if you have a wandering attention your meditation will remain shallow. Concentrating your attention to a single focus, while quieting your thoughts, will get you better results.

Meditation is a journey unto itself, it is a journey without a goal or destination, as what you are meditating on is your own deeper nature. Nurture the journey but don’t rush it.

Peace and Good Journey 🙂

Nancy asks…

Meditation Techniques?

I hear that medatation and yoga and all that stuff is good for you.. I really want to give it a try. Any techniques for calming and destressing would be highly appreciated.:)


Meditation and yoga put you into a light trance, which makes you relax and destress. Hypnosis gives the same feeling. Check out any hypnosis or meditation videos on youtube, plenty of people post them. Also, check out yoga classes at a YMCA or some other private studios. Sometimes, yoga classes are on TV, check them out. Good luck!

Kylee asks…

meditation? techniques?

how can I meditate easily? I want to learn meditation.. I don’t know the difference between hindu and buddhist.. meditation..also christian.. I want to know meditation.. for my anxiety to be in peace.


Try here

Mandy asks…

Beginners meditation techniques to help me learn?

I have a lot of stress and anxiety and I am looking for beginners meditation techniques to help me learn meditation and breathing. I need advice for a “beginner” as I have never meditated before. Is there some sort of controlled breathing exercise that someone starting out like me can practice?


Meditation gave me back control over my life so that no matter what was … Great place where people can go to learn how to get into touch with themselves, But lots of everyday people just like you and me meditate for its many benefits, … As you begin to learn more about the art and science of meditation..

Jemima asks…

Where can I learn easy meditation techniques for beginners?

I’m just a beginner with meditation. I know nothing about the subject and need a resource that speaks to a novice. I simply want to learn very easy meditation techniques for beginners like myself. Any help is appreciated.


Relaxation and meditation techniques and exercises for both beginners and … It’s almost too easy. Meditation Guru guides you to learn the Meditation Technique for beginners who are eager to learn the Meditation Techniques. To meditate is to familiarize our mind constantly offers easy to follow guided meditations to relax body and mind.

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