The Best Online Meditation Classes I’ve Found

Can You Learn Meditation Online?

If you are going to take a class on meditation, it might be a good idea to do so in person with someone who has meditated for a while.

However, this is not always possible, or even feasible.  Oftentimes, our schedules just don’t permit it, or we live in areas where finding qualified people is very difficult.

So, luckily, we have tremendous resources online to help us learn things like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and the like.  Things that are going mainstream, but still pretty esoteric haven’t quite reached the point where you can easily find a school or qualified instructor.

Therefore, let’s look at some options online.

For me, if I’m going to take a class online, I want access to the instructor.  That is the trouble with many courses sold through vendors like Clickbank, ejunkie, and the like.  If you’ve reached this site, you’ve probably seen many of these.

While many are in fact quite good, I feel that learning meditation is best done with access to someone who can answer your questions.

For this reason, I find Udemy to be a great place to learn from home, online.

You get access to self-paced learning, and, more importantly, access to the instructor.  Not to mention a solid thirty-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied.  That’s the best part.

So, then, what is the best online meditation class?

Two of my Favorite Online Meditation Classes

That’s subjective, but I really like this one.

A Mindfulness Course for Everyone: Learn the Power of NOW

online meditation classesIt’s the best price to value that I’ve found yet, and centers on mindfulness meditation, which is a very powerful form of meditation that I’ve written about all over this meditation classes

The instructor has a cool Irish accent and her voice is smooth and calming, at least to me.  She goes into the basis of mindfulness then has a couple of good guided meditations.

In addition to these, she has good and practical lectures on USING mindfulness in every day situations.  These are golden if you practice them regularly.  I’ve done these and tested them out, and can attest, at least in my experience, to their efficacy.  They simply work for me.

Online media coursesThere’s another good course on meditation called Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety Practicing a Simple Meditation.  While I really like the instructor’s lectures on the benefits of meditation, which are some of the best explanations I’d every heard on the subject, he doesn’t offer guided meditation, at least not yet.

That said, he does lecture on HOW to meditate, followed by timed book-ended silence that allows you to meditate with a verbal ease-in and ease-out, which is cool.  I just would like to see a guided meditation for beginners with this course.

Check it out, it’s very affordable and good if you overlook the lack of guided meditation, at least for now.  He might add it in the future, and you’ll get it free if he adds it to the course.  That’s how Udemy works once you buy a course.

At any rate, I hope this helps you.  Please keep in mind that the links here are affiliate links, and I do get a small compensation if you buy through these links.  It doesn’t change the price for you at all, so you’ll just be helping me run this site.  In full transparency, I’ve forgone recommending more expensive courses because I truly like these two.


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  1. I think this article has some really incredible insight. I did not realize that there were opportunities for learning meditation online. Also, I really appreciate the advice on your favorite online meditation classes.

    • Thanks Paige. There are many now, but I really like Udemy as you have access to those teaching the classes, and there’s a good money-back guarantee if you think is sucks, etc… I’ll leave your link in your sig to your site in Portland. It looks cool and the site is a solid design. I’m sorry for what happened yesterday in Oregon as well… it’s a continuing tragedy…


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