Is Ultra Manifestation For Real or Just More Hype?

You’ve no doubt seen things like the Law of Attraction and movies like The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know. They provide a highly entertaining introduction to the hermetic law of attraction. If you’ve made it here, you may be wondering why someone who writes on mindfulness would care about things like this? Here’s why.

We are in a post-truth world now.

I don’t really care where your politics lie, but we as a world are subject to so much disinformation and downright dangerous propaganda that it makes discerning actual truth from lies a PhD level course in its own right. From simple cat videos used to build up massive social followings to weaponized memes, it’s getting harder and harder to discern what is actually true in the world. Look at the attacks on science and education. We are being mind-f&cked on a global scale by many different parties and for many different reasons. One thing is clear, we need solid mental power and training to sort through the garbage and get back to truth.

What Does This Have to Do With Manifestation?

In a word, everything.

Manifestation is more about mindfulness and mental ability and focus than just thinking positive, doing some b.s. vision board, and waking up rich the next morning. It’s about gaining the ability to have enough control over your mind that you can see through lies, deception, and propaganda. It’s more about tapping your potential and right as a free-thinker to lessen the noise in your mind and take back what is yours in your own life. It’s about breaking conditioning that you never wanted and never chose in the first place. It’s about not falling for pseudoscience and bunk, and actually working with your mind to build new pathways and craft the world you want for yourself, that also falls in line with accepted scientific truths and reality.

The Secret to the Law of Attraction

The real secret to the law of attraction is that it’s part of a whole set of Hermetic laws that originated thousands of years ago. Maja D’aoust wrote a book on it called “The Secret Source” in which she called The Secret “spiritual porn” (I highly recommend this book if you want to know what’s behind the Secret.) It’s not that it doesn’t work, but that it’s been singled out and separated from the other Hermetic Laws that govern the observable universe. To put it simply, coconuts fall, lift allows flight, we live, we die, etc… right? It’s a set of laws that describe our shared reality. Singling it out without paying attention to the other laws does a disservice to the original work, and can lead you down dangerous and expensive paths.

Manifestation Is Oversold Like Garbage

A new course has just hit the market called Ultra Manifestation, and that’s mostly why you’re here reading this. You may have begun seeing all these ads popping up promising wealth and power. The banners a really cheezy, and maybe they work, I don’t know… I’m not the best marketer. What I do know is from the perspective of someone who practices mindfulness and meditation, and constantly reads about this stuff, it’s off-putting. I get that. You wouldn’t have gotten far enough down this page if you were the type that buys into that hype.

That said, what is surprising about this program is that its not indicative of its crap advertising. It may actually be something sound and solid. I’ll explain why now and compare it to a program that I know is solid in the manifestation space.

What Is Ultra Manifestation?

The basis of the Ultra Manifestation product is written on this part of the text-based sales page that you can access under the video. I’ll paraphrase it here for you so you can get an understanding of what this product is.

It’s a series of audio tracks that you can listen to the the author developed using isochronic or as he calls them “isochoric” tones. He states this,

“By using a combination of the absolute purest isochoric tones, alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves, delta waves, ancient chant mantras and other sacred frequencies, I created something that I would consider far more powerful than the CD I was given.”

The core of this product consists of four tracks designed to be listened to for short periods of time, every day for a set interval. The tones are specially prepared to put you into different mental states that help reprogram your subconscious mind and cut the clutter. Without all the hype, this stuff has been gaining “some” credibility in scientific communities like in this peer reviewed paper. That’s not to say that it all works for everyone and that this product in particular is sound, but people have had certain success with it, even if just placebo. Buyer always beware.

There is a bonus ebook that you get with this product as well. It’s probably not “limited” as it says on the sales page, but I could be wrong. It’s a five audio product with an illustrated ebook that uses hypnosis. This might be more useful and have higher efficacy than the actual product, so it ups the value quotient here.

There’s also a 60 day return policy and the vendor platform enforces it pretty stringently, so it’s low risk for the price.

Check it out here if you want.

The Alternative I LOVE is Manifestation Miracle

First off, this course surprised me. I mean that from the point of view of someone who’s studied Hermetic Law pretty deeply over the last ten or so years. I’ve attended entire lecture series at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles on Hermetic Law, Shamanism, and the Occult.

I’ll tell you that this course is so much more than just the Law of Attraction, and actually is way more practical than books like The Secret.

It’s way more than just think happy thoughts and make a vision board, blah, blah, blah…

It digs deeply into self-assessment and introspection. That helps not just with attraction and manifestation, but deeper spiritual growth and understanding.

This course is actually a very powerful personal development tool. I’ve gone through the exercises that cap each chapter and I’ll say that they are very effective. Probably on the level of a book like the Tools, but more targeted.

It’s a five-part course in both pdf and audio versions, and is well edited and voiced. I didn’t find myself wincing at the audio as I do in some other courses. I’ll detail each part here.

Part 1

Part one lays the groundwork for the course and is a pretty solid introduction.

There’s a great common exercise with a cool twist at the end of chapter 2 that is helpful in releasing negative energy.

The course discusses intuition and explains it in a way that even some good spiritual texts don’t touch, along with a great exercise that helps you get in touch with your own intuition.

There’s a good explanation of ego and a particularly challenging exercise to understand your own and how it affects your life.

Part 2

Part two is about digging into who you really are.

There are some statistics that the author uses in the beginning of this section that I’m skeptical of, and it would be good if they were cited, but it’s nothing to do with the practical application of the course itself, just a side-note.

Chapter two ends with a very useful exercise in self-assessment. This exercise was personally eye-opening and potentially life changing.

Chapters 3 and 4 of this section talk about intention and define it pretty well. I found the exercise at the end of chapter 4 a bit hokey, so I wish there was something better for that chapter, but nothing’s perfect.

The most noteworthy section of part 2 deals in flow.

it’s profound.

It’s all about getting “in the zone”.

Part 3

Part 3 is the real meat of the product.

This section talks about alignment. It teaches you how to know if you’re on the right path or not.

Chapter 2 of this section gives great insight into affimations and provies a number of them to use for a myriad of different results. There are included audio tracks to use with these that are short and powerful. They are binaural beats that go along with the affirmations. It’s good brainwave entrainment to reinforce the affirmations.

The remaining chapters in this section deal with the real reason you’d make a vision board, how to deal with annoying thoughts that keep popping into your mind, and how to raise your vibratory signature with gratitude, which sounds simple, but proves difficult for many. There’s a great exercise here on that one.

Part 4

Part four deals in happiness. It’s shorter than the other sections, but intense. It discusses true happiness and how to feel it, and it goes deep into mindfulness for a specific purpose that I find appealing. It gives a good explanation of how the present moment works with the Law of Attraction stuff.

Chapter 3 deals in choice and emotion.

Chapter 4 is a good list of 11 tips.

Chapter 5 is about your own personal destiny and what to do with it. It deals with the full expression of your true self and why it’s important.

Part 5

Part 5 is the close at a shorter 3 chapters. It speaks a little bit about some more advanced stuff but is mostly a pep rally, albeit one you don’t want to skip out on.

I hope that helps. I find it’s worth it, and I believe you will too.

If not, there’s a solid 2 month money-back guarantee, which is always cool.

Check out Manifestation Miracle here.


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