Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques Will Give You The Keys To The Kingdom of Meditation and Mindfulness.  Read This and Find Out Why.

Have you ever tried to meditate?  Probably, if you’re reading this.  If not, awesome! Here’s some super short cut advice for you.  Listen up and read this through.

Follow the trail on this website and build a solid foundation for almost any endeavor you choose in life.  Especially meditation and mindfulness, but this can apply to almost anything worth learning.

Relaxation is the first step in the whole mindfulness and meditation thingy.  Yeah, I said thingy…  Here’s why it’s so important.  Picture if you will… (que dreamy music and blurry screen).

You are sitting in your car as you do far too often in your life.  Now, your car is awesome.  You love your car.  It’s your home away from home.  It’s your fortress of solitude.  It’s your sheild against the crazy world outside your windshield.  You love it.  You do.

You have your music or audio book playing.  The sun is beaming in and it’s pretty warm, but you have your air conditioner going, cause that’s how you roll.  You think this is great, until…

Some jerk cuts you off within an inch of your bumper.

mindful in trafficNo signal.  No warning.  Just a huge aggressive move by someone you don’t know.  Oh, and they are in a monster truck, and oh yeah, they just slammed on their brakes.

You freak out and clench the steering wheel while slamming on your brakes.  Tires screech.  You see that purple smoke.  You stop breathing and tense up.  You grip the wheel tightly and think, oh no… oh no… please, don’t let me hit that truck, and please don’t let me get hit from behind…

Once you’re clear of the situation, and lucky that nothing bad happened, you feel anger at the truck.  Depending on your conditioning and temperment, it can be mild irritation of full blown rage.  You go into that state immediately and think about retaliating or running.  Either way, this gave a huge electrical shock to your system, and you’ll think about it long after you’re clear of this situation.  Maybe it will pass if you’re lucky, or maybe it will add more fuel onto a fire already quietly raging inside you… Who knows…?

These situations happen for most of us who commute.  The situation can be the same if you take the train, just replace the monster truck with some rude person.  It’s the same thing.  Even if you don’t commute, there are many stressors that can add up over time.

Many of us lack proper stress management.

These things happen often enough that most of us don’t have adequate tools or techniques to deal with the tenseness that these types of things cause.  Not only that, but we feel trapped in that by nature of how we live, we can’t get away from it and have to face it day in and day out.

These stresses, and other stresses over things like money, health, and the like add up over time.  We get tense and don’t even realize how wound up we are.  That is, until we try to relax and realize just how tense we are.  This is where good stress management comes in.

relaxation techniquesMeditation and mindfulness don’t work well when we are tense.  Both meditation and mindfulness happen in the NOW.  They happen in the present moment.  When we are tense, our minds are tense as well.  We are holding on to the past or worrying about the future.  This kills our chances at deep meditation and mindfulness practice.

Therefore, we must relax our bodies and minds in order to get the best results from meditation and mindfulness.  It’s integral.  It’s crucial.

Relaxation Tecniques Help Manage Stress and Teach You to Quiet the Mind

These relaxation exercises will help.  Each successive relaxation technique has it’s merits and works well.  Learn them.  Use them.  Share them if they help you.  Start with this one and go through them all.

Click here to start with Stress and Muscle Tension.


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