Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing – Chances Are, You Don’t Do Enough of This.

We Are Shallow Breathers.

We often breathe very shallowly, and don’t use the full capacity of our lungs. When we get stressed, this gets even worse as we might tend to hold our breath, especially during the fight or flight response, which many of us live in a chronic state of, without even being aware of it. Therefore, it’s good to remind ourselves to breathe, and so so deeply.

Steps to Deep Breathing:

Lie down, or sit comfortably and keep your posture as straight as you can.

Put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your abdomen.

Inhale slowly through your nose, or through your mouth, slowly (this is important).

As you inhale, push your abdomen out, feel it expand.

Slowly exhale (about 2 times the length of the inhale) while lightly pushing on your abdomen.

Rest and repeat as often as necessary.  Make sure though that once you’re done you sit or lay there for a while and get up slowly!  Chances are, you’ll be pretty relaxed, and won’t know it until you try to stand up.  Do it gently.  You’ve been warned.

Next, we’ll discuss relaxation drinks and how cool they are.