iHave an iPhone4 and it’s Teaching Me to be Mindful

iHave an iPhone 4.

iAdmit that it is a very, very cool device.  I can update this blog on it, surf the internet, read books, write books, listen to music, make music, watch movies, make movies, play video games, make video games (planning), find where to eat wherever I am, get movie times, check stocks, buy and sell stocks, record my voice and change it for fun, video chat with people, talk to people, text people, plug my guitar into it and use it as an effects box, use it as a flashlight, send Morse Code, scan barcodes, find music that’s playing anywhere, store files, control my tv, use GPS, take notes, take pictures, edit pictures, learn piano, learn to sing, and a host of other things I haven’t thought of…

Using the phone has almost become an addiction in itself.  I can now do all of the above wherever I am.  That is pretty damn cool, but distracting to the practice of mindfulness.

I could of course be mindful of my attatchment to playing with the iPhone, so I guess I could spin that in a good way…


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