Trance Music and Mindfulness

Trance Music Is One Doorway Into Mindfulness

Trance music and mindfulness seem to go hand in hand.  I find that after listening to trance music, I have a much easier time quieting my mind.  Maybe it’s the repetitive nature of the music, or maybe the uplifting and euphoric melody of euphoric trance.  It’s probably both, combined with the spaciousness of the synth sounds and reverb.  Anyway, here’s how I found it.

Trance and Mindfulness Exercise

Watch this video and note how you feel, then read on…

This is more “ambient chillout”, but it makes my point. Watch this with an appreciation for the beauty of Earth for a moment, and it’s a whole different experience, trust me 🙂

Back around 2000 or so I took a trip to Spain.  I’d never been there before, so I figured what the hell?  A friend and I jumped on a plane and landed 7 hours later in Barcelona.  It was a culture shock, as nothing was in English and I had no idea where we were.  Luckily, my friend had been there once before, so he knew where to go.

About 3 mights into our trip, I was itching to go somewhere else…

Ibiza Sunset

I’d heard about this island called Ibiza and found out it was a cheap flight into the capital city Evissa.  We jumped on a place (this was pre 9-11), and got in around noon.  The place was asleep.  That was probably the most shocking experience for me.  The entire island was taking a siesta!

Then, about 5PM or so, the sun was over the western sky and began casting it’s orange glow.  The white buildings turned a mixture of pink and purple, and people began to emerge.  Street vendors appeared selling all sorts of stuff, cars took to the streets, and restaurants began pumping their aroma into the air.  The something else began.  It was soft, a sort of pulse, like a heartbeat that grew louder as the sun moved further down in the western sky.

Before long, my entire consciousness was in a state of slow moving euphoria.  Trance music had settled in like a good friend.  The island pulses with it.  The people move with it.  Visitors arrive and leave on it’s waves.  The very soil vibrates with it.


English: Photograph taken by Mushin at Gatecra...

Ever since that trip, I’ve found that Trance music helps put me in a good state to practice mindfulness.  It seems to entrain my being with rhythm and up my mood with melody.  Even the minimalist stuff seems to work well.  I find that I can meditate much easier after listening to Trance music.

If you’ve not heard trance, a good place to start is by checking out (digitally imported) and listening to the trance channel.  You can also find Armin Van Burren on podcast, as well as Trance, Above and Beyond on iTunes.

Also, and this is a “shameless plug”, you can go on Rhapsody (subscription based).  I’ve been using it for years and I find it’s the best service available for streaming a tremendous amount of music and comedy, for $10 a month. (end shameless plug).




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