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Why It’s Hard to Calm Yourself Down

So you’re driving down the street, minding your own business, when out of nowhere, some other car races past you, cuts you off within a couple of inches of your front bumper, slams on their brakes, then speeds off into nowhere.

You have split seconds to react.

You clench the steering wheel, hit your brakes, and silently pray that no other car is following you too closely. You brace for impact, and time seems to slow to a crawl.

You are hyper-aware of the situation. Every one of your senses is on heightened alert. Your pulse quickens, you get tunnel vision, maybe you even feel like you have to relieve yourself…

In a flash, the situation is over, leaving your flustered.

You find yourself out of immediate danger as the situation passes, yet now you are shaking, physically.

You might even feel flustered and confused as your mind comes back to life and thoughts flood into your consciousness. You become aware of your heartbeat racing. There’s tightness in your neck and shoulders, and your fingers are denting your steering wheel.

In a few more moments, you notice that your breathing is heavy, and you feel like you are freaking out. You’re scared and still a bit confused, but getting a handle on what just happened. You check your mirrors and see that you’re finally out of trouble.

Then it happens. You feel a flash of anger at the other driver, or you feel immense gratitude that nothing serious happened. Either way, you are deeply affected, at least for the moment.

Here is where some of us calm down, but many more don’t. I didn’t for years, and would carry that experience with me in the form of anger for the rest of the day.

That’s needless suffering, and something you can avoid if you just learn how to calm yourself down.

Here is a solid way to calm your nerves, bring your heart rate back down, and chill out.

How to Calm Yourself Down

How to calm yourself down


Give it a Solid Shot

That’s about it. It works if you work it. While it seems simple and common sense, you’d be surprised how many of us never do this, then let things linger and wonder why we can’t ever seem to calm ourselves down.

This is natural, but we’ve forgotten it over the years, as life wears us like a pair of jeans. Doing this exercise repeatedly will bring calm, collectedness, and a sense of cool in your life.

Do it and see for yourself.


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