The Smokescreen

There is a strange thing happening in our world today.  The internet has brought information to the masses in a way in which we’ve never seen.  Facebook and Twitter were enabling technologies in the downfall of President Mubarak.  Protests are spreading across the globe, and are even happening in the USA, for many of the same reasons that they are happening elsewhere.

I can’t help but wonder though, how much of what is going on is our own doing?  Look at the trees.  Many have lasted for decades, and some for centuries.  The grass grows, the sun rises and sets, and the tide comes and goes like clockwork.  If we were observing just nature, nothing has changed.  However, people are getting upset and rising up against other people for issues of money and power, and all sorts of false crap.

I can’t help but observe that this is all in our heads, literally.  It’s not as if Earth itself is causing any of this.  It is simply our clouded and colored minds reacting to each other and the environment.  Really, what are money and power but enablers.  Money enables us to buy food, shelter, and other necessities, but an abundance of it allows us to have all that we need, plus all that we “want” (which is bullshit, because we are never satisfied materially), and power, to feed our egos.

I can’t help but think how pathetic it all really is.  There are no sides in a smokescreen.

There are those few who know how to manipulate others on a mass scale, true, but we are manipulating each other all the time.  We all want the world to operate according to our own preferences, and everyone who gets in our way and disagrees with us is “wrong”.  F&CK!  There is no right and wrong, there just IS.  We are all individual minds with colorings that create preferences, feed fear, and ultimately lead to hate and suffering.

Now is a great time to start practicing mindfulness.


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