What Is Deep Sleep Meditation?

Deep Sleep Meditation

Deep sleep and meditation can go hand in hand. In fact, many people experience deep sleep after a round of quality meditation. Some even complain that they tend to fall asleep while meditating. I certainly have on more than one occasion. What, then, is deep sleep meditation and why would we want to do it.

Deep Sleep Meditation
Is There Such A Thing as Deep Sleep Meditation?

If you search the web, you’ll find links to all kinds of products that claim to help put you in deep-sleep meditation. I’d venture to say that any meditation can be “deep sleep meditation“. The very act of meditating can put you into the same conscious state as deep sleep, and in many cases, can get you into a deeper state than dreaming.

This is Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep.  It brings you past the dream (REM) state and into the deep sleep state, but you’re still “awake”.  SwamiJ has a great write-up here.  It’s worth checking out.

Still though, the consensus is that we need our sleep, and insomnia is bad. Therefore, we can and should use meditation to help us get more sleep.

Why Meditation for Deep Sleep?

Often, when we can’t sleep, our minds are racing. Our thoughts just don’t stop. We are caught in horrendous cycles of past and future. We are regretting things, or worrying about something. We are bothered by events in our lives. Maybe we can’t get comfortable… The reasons are many.  Deep sleep meditation can help.

One Simple Deep Sleep Meditation Exercise

Meditation and mindfulness can help us calm our minds and thoughts. This will allow us to relax a bit. When we are relaxed mentally, falling asleep is much easier. If you don’t believe me, try it.

1. Do some progressive muscle relaxation.

2. If that doesn’t help, try autogenic training.

3. Use the 7-11 breathing technique.

4. Lie down. This will help you fall asleep. Keep your back straight though.

5. Start watching your breath go in and out.

6. Thoughts WILL happen, just be like, “whatever” and let them go.

7. LET THEM GO. They have no power here.

8. Keep watching your breath.

9. This will either bring you into deep meditation or you’ll fall asleep. Either would be awesome for you.

10. Practice this “deep sleep meditation” as often as you want. It gets easier with practice.

If you find that it’s not working, try modifying it a bit. Instead of watching your breath, repeat some phrase to yourself over and over. This will entrain your mind.

Here’s an eight-hour musical frequency meditation thingy.  I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s interesting, so I’m sharing it.  If it helps you, cool!  Oh, and there’s Stonehenge, so, like, there’s that…


If you really want to learn to use mindfulness, click here and follow the mindfulness path.